Lydiate Create and Bake competition returns in 2018 at the Lydiate Village Festival on Sunday 6th May.


  • 8 inch un-decorated sponge cake: Age Over 16’s

  • 4 decorated cup cakes: Age 10-15

  • 4 decorated cup cakes: Age under 10’s

  • Vegetable creature: Age 11 and under

All entries must be received at the Create and Bake tent before 3pm on Sunday 6th May for judging.

Prizes/trophies will be awarded in the main arena at 5pm.






Congratulations to the winners of 2017 Lydiate Create and Bake competitions:

Category 1: Age 16 and Over: 8 inch sponge cake – any flavour
1st Prize: Emma Clayton
2nd Prize: Elizabeth Hall
3rd Prize: Barbara Hurst
Category 2: Age 10 to 15: 4 decorated cupcakes
1st Prize: Isabella Spence-Robb
2nd Prize: Alisha Crompton
3rd Prize: Grace Burgin
Category 3: Under 10’s: 4 decorated cupcakes
1st Prize: Annabel Watson
2nd Prize: Alex Eitel-Smith
3rd Prize: Harriet Brown
Create competition
Mr Potatoe Head
Age categories:
Category 1: 7 and under
1st Prize: Eve Welsh
2nd Prize: Molly Conning
3rd Prize: Tom Mallick
Category 2: over 7
1st Prize: Hannah Welsh
2nd Prize: Henry Edwards
3rd Prize: Grace Burney